Friday, May 20, 2011

Everybody's (Well, I am,) Weeking for the Work-end

Today marked another lovely morning of waking up to the mellifluous sounds of my dad yelling (his version of talking) about money matters. It has really become more of a hobby than anything. Listening to him talking on the phone, you'd think he was attempting to communicate with a partially-deaf person who was standing ten feet from the phone and had earmuffs on.

I tried calling about a position at a Livonia McDonald's that I applied for a few weeks ago on their national Hiring Day (where I think I saw a video online of someone running someone over with their car? I suppose that's one way to lessen the competition...)and the guy was extremely confused as to why I was calling. "Yeah, what you're gonna want to do is wait until someone calls you," he informed me. Thanks, but I tried that route already. Whatever happened to calling and showing interest and that being a good thing? I suppose that maybe since the world may end tomorrow and all, they are hesitant to hire someone on too soon.

In a few hours I am going to be going to work for the Steinkopfs-- They are nice enough to give me some work to do since I am largely without it these days. It'll be nice to get outside and work with flowers and plants since I am essentially a vampire, even in summer months (right now it's a half hour 'til noon and my blinds are still closed and my light is off.)

Saturday is my first midnight shift at the event company. Working at night just makes sense to me. Waking up early is not only not something I do not like to do, but at this point it is something that is quite impossible for me to do. Save those jobs for the people who can't wipe the pearly white smiles off their face in the morning, I say. You know, the people that ask how your morning is and buy everyone bagels or doughnuts and talk about how great life is. They need the morning shift, it's practically in their DNA.

Loverboy- "Working for the Weekend"
Yeah, in the 80s everyone was workin' for the weekend!

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