Monday, May 16, 2011

Fights and Pinecones

Ah, another morning in the joyful land of adultolescence.

Not as nice of a morning as yesterday, that is for certain. My brain isn't really functioning too well even after coffee, but I told myself I would be as committed to this blog as I apparently am to reliving my adolescence.

My parents were fighting like children this morning, sending me into yelling mode and then shortly after, into mediator mode. I notice I am far better equipped to handle these outrageous fights as an adultolescent. Whereas years before I would break down and cry and wonder "why me" and feel all damaged for having had to listen to fights, now I just find myself in awe that these two people ever thought living together was a good idea, and do my part to make sure the nonsense stops as soon as possible. A (largely) unemployed adultolescent needs her zzzzzzzzzzs, afterall!

So naturally, when my dad leaves, my mom gives me the same breakdown she always does of why the fight occurred, a run down of their history (that I either already know or have lived through much of first hand,) and then eventually she strays from the topic altogether and delves into the most unrelated, unimportant topic she can think of. Today, it was pinecones.

"Aren't these pinecones just the greatest?" she said as she emerged from the living room, showing me a mesh bag of scented pinecones from Christmas time that are still sitting in random corners of the house. "I wonder if they still sell these," she ponders aloud, and just as she does so I notice the mesh bag says "holiday pinecones" on it. But at this point, it's too late, and she's already on the phone with the manager of the store she first got them from. I can tell he is letting her down by informing her that all they have is potpourri.

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