Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake and the girl at Kerby's

Most children get scolded for eating too many sweets, but in my house, it has long been the expectation that if sugar-laden, over-processed foods have been purchased--they must be eaten at once.

In my fridge sits a plastic container of six chocolate cupcakes topped with a light, whipped frosting (not the gross, quick-to-harden kind,) that I have zero intentions of eating. The old Ashley would go for one without so much as a second thought, but adultolescent Ashley cannot afford to fall into these traps. It's time to grow up!(....and get excess calories from things like coffee drinks with sugary creamers and excess alcohol consumption instead.)

There was one purchase that I couldn't let go to waste, because well...it'd just be a damn shame (and it goes really well with coffee): Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake. I have no intentions of looking at the nutrition facts because I'm pretty sure there is no nutritional value. Even in the Cherry filling. So I eat a little piece with my morning coffee, and pretend it didn't happen. That's one thing I'm good at: Complete denial.

As I had my small piece this morning, my dad decided he would inform me about the key to a healthy life. "As long as you exercise, and eat fruits and vegetables, you are healthy." I of course shook my head in obvious disagreement since we had just seen a news story about an otherwise healthy boy who died of sudden cardiac arrest, but before I could get a word in, he went on and on about some girl at Kerby's Coney Island (a place he would undoubtedly be the "mayor" of on FourSquare, but the man can't operate a television, let alone an iphone app.) "She eats a banana and an apple per day and she has never been sick once!" he said, matter-of-factly. "I'm sure she's been sick at some point in her life," I said. "Nope!" he fired back immediately. Sometimes you just have to let these things go.

I'm off to go do something active now.

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